5 Creative Ways to Display Photo Prints

Last Updated: November 27, 2019

With more and more photos shared and viewed daily via our favourite social media channels, it seems increasingly rare to ever see physical prints of photos.

Though we are living in the digital age, there’s still many reasons to produce photo prints. While, traditionally, many photos are best immortalized with frames, metal or acrylic, many photos can truly stand-out best as stand-alone pieces.

Ready to be inspired? Check out Costco Photo Centre’s five creative ways to display photos without frames below and eternalize those picture-pixels into picture-perfect photo prints.

1. Clips, Clipboards, and Binder Clips, Oh My!

Displaying photo prints with basic clips is one of the most cost-effective ways to show off your photo prints without damaging the print (or your walls). For an easy way to display your photos, try clipping a curated selection of photos on a straw wire. Not afraid to hang things up? Try using a nice clipboard to showcase your photo and easily hang on the wall with a nail or screw. Looking for something more simple? Take a large binder clip (preferably in a jazzy colour), clamp the photo and place it on your shelf, bedside table, or office workspace.

2. Swinging from the Chandelier

For those who are craftier than others, why not try to create a show stopping photo moment? A photo prints baby mobile or chandelier. Using clips, some aesthetically pleasing string, and base mount, it’s easy to select your favourite memories and display them in a curated fashion which allows them to hang freely. Whether it’s above your new baby’s crib or displayed in your family room, photo print chandeliers and baby mobiles are definitely an eye-catching way to showcase your photo prints.  Maybe even pair the mobile with a photo blanket of matching or complimenting photos.

3. Go Big or Go Home Photo Collage

Ready to really make a statement? If so, truly commit to creating the ultimate photo display by creating a massive photo collage out of all your favourite photos. For this, we recommend using as many photos as possible (the more the merrier). For a completely jaw-dropping collage, try covering an entire wall in photos to really make an impact. It’s an accent wall everyone will be impressed with and a great conversation starter. Quick tip: If you’re looking to add some dimension to the overall collage, try using a variety of different sized prints.

Photo Prints

4. Captivate with the Power of Illusion 

If the massive photo collage seems a bit daunting to you, why not try making a smaller photo collage but use your photos to form an eye-catching animal, letter, or shape? For this type of unique photo display, don’t be afraid to overlap certain photos to create the needed shape but be sure to keep the best ones for last so they are used to fill up any of the space while being top of view.

Photo Prints

5. It’s Hip to Be a Square!

With the worldwide phenomenon of Instagram, square photos have increased in popularity so why not display your favourite or most-liked Instagram photos in a chic, modern photo grid. First, print your photos in either 5x5, 8x8, or 12x12 then arrange your photos in an even grid to showcase a wonderful photo moment. Try to group similarly coloured or hued photos together to create an overall gradient affect when viewed from afar.

Photo Prints

Though times may be changing, one thing that has remained the same is the power of a photo. If every photo is worth a thousand words, then why not get these memories off your phone and eternalized with a unique photo wall display. In doing so, you will add some personality to any living space along with the perfect dose of nostalgia.