6 Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

Last Updated: July 31, 2019

Wedding gifts are a great way to congratulate the happy couple and wish them well. Many couples will choose to create an online gift registry, which takes pressure off guests as they search for the right present.

If you want to give the bride and groom something extra special – or if you're stumped without a registry to choose from – check out these unique wedding gift ideas from the Costco Photo Centre.


1. A Cozy Photo Blanket

After their wedding day, newlyweds are often greeted by a wonderful assortment of new home décor items to unwrap and enjoy. For a wedding present that’s a little cozier than a new toaster, how about a one-of-a-kind fleece throw. Whether it’s a photo of the happy couple, their favourite place, or the two of them in their favourite place – the personalized photo blanket will inspire warm memories every time they snuggle up for movie night.

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2. A Pair of Matching Mugs

Create personalized wedding gifts that couples can enjoy anywhere with matching, personalized travel mugs. This is a great gift for couples; it’ll keep their beverages hot on weekend adventures together or on morning commutes apart. Every sip will be a sweet reminder of their special day.

If you intend to wrap up the gift before the big day, use photos from their engagement shoot. If you can wait, personalize the gifts with beautiful photos from their wedding day.

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3. A Photo Book for the Bride or Groom

If the bride or groom is one of your lifelong friends, their wedding day will no doubt tug at your heartstrings. You’ll be so happy for her or him, and flooded with all the wonderful memories that made your friendship what it is today.

To celebrate the years of adventures you shared, create a meaningful photo book to document all the good times you’ll never forget. A great wedding gift from bridesmaids or groomsmen, the book will be a cherished reminder to stay close as the next chapter begins.

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4. Meaningful Artwork for Their Newlywed Home

For a unique wedding gift that will always make the bride and groom smile, create custom art that symbolizes their relationship. Use photo editing software to add hearts onto a digital map to surround the cities where the couple met and where they tied the knot.

Print the design as a canvas print to create a timeless, artistic addition to their home décor. Through all of life’s curveballs, this gift will remind them of what brought them together.

5. Gifts of Labour

Meaningful wedding gifts don’t have to be tangible things. Giving your time or a helping hand is also incredibly valuable and appreciated. Here are some presents that just require your presence:

  • Spend time helping them with the tedious tasks, like preparing the centerpieces or wedding favours
  • Offer to watch their pets or home while they’re on their honeymoon
  • Chauffeur the couple to and from the airport so they can relax before and after the honeymoon

These creative gift ideas are great because they free up some time in the bride and groom’s hectic wedding planning.

6. Personalized Puzzles

Want to give a wedding present that’s both fun and personal? A photo puzzle is the perfect match. This present is playful and challenging, a true test of patience and teamwork for newlyweds.

Design the puzzle with photos that are meaningful to the couple, such as one of their best shots from a vacation, or a picture of the place where they had their first date. Pick photos that have colours that blend together to up the difficulty level.

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Don’t stress over gift shopping! The bride and groom will love any gift you get them, but more importantly, they’ll love that you shared in their special day. All you need to do is dress up, show up and enjoy.