Baby's First Year

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

Baby’s first year is an incredibly adorable time of giggles, spills, firsts and surprises. Scrapbooking and photo albums are often used to commemorate these moments but an easy and unique alternative is a custom Cluster Canvas capturing these exciting "firsts" all in one display.

Baby’s Fun 1.jpg

Baby's Fun Firsts

Not every baby takes their first steps before they turn one but if they do, remember that if you took a video of it, you also have a photo. Tap “pause” at your favourite moment in the video then take a screen shot on your smartphone. Just like that, you’ve got a photo to add to your gallery.

Baby’s Fun 2.jpg

Baby proofing your home is important but ask any parent and they’ll tell you that babies figure that stuff out pretty quickly. Take a photo of baby’s first triumph over a drawer lock or a corner protector, their first bath or first time standing up. They’re proud, you should be too.

Baby’s Fun 3.jpg

The first smiles and laughs are beautiful moments. It's impossible not to get excited every time you look at a picture of the first time your baby smiled or laughed.

Baby’s Fun 4.jpg

The first time baby sleeps through the night is an incredible victory for you as a parent. Be sure not to use the flash when you take photos of the sleeping baby.

Birthday Party.jpg

For baby’s first birthday party, unveil your custom Cluster Canvas. It could also be a great gift for the grandparents!