Baby Shower Invitations for Every Theme

Last Updated: May 27, 2019

Preparing for a new baby is a wonderful mix of excitement and nerves. Particularly if it’s your first, you know that life is about to change in big and beautiful ways. That’s why baby showers are about so much more than a party and gifts.

They’re an important milestone and celebration for new parents, and also a gesture of reassurance. Baby showers are an opportunity to bring your team of friends and family together – all the people who will be there to love and support you as you begin this exciting new chapter.

Hosting a Baby Shower

As the host, you’re tasked with making the shower memorable, meaningful and entertaining for everyone. And with some detail-oriented planning and a baby shower theme to guide you, it’s easier than you think.

The theme is not meant to be any indication of what the new baby’s favourite interests or colours might be, it’s just a cute and playful way to tailor all the elements of the party together. So just have fun with it!

We’ve pulled together our top baby shower invitations to inspire a theme, and paired them with baby shower games, decorations, food and favours to make for a standout shower soiree.

Quick Quiz: Find the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation & Theme

  1. To help narrow down the selection of invites, ask yourself which of the following best describes the momma-to-be's style?

  2. Then, click on any card name to see recommended baby shower games, food, décor and more to match it! 

A) Rustic Flair

Baby shower invites, rustic CA1Card designs (left to right): Kraft Baby Floral  |  Baby Banner  |  Baby Shower Flowers 

B) Touch of Glam

Baby shower invitations, glam CA1Card designs (left to right): Gilded Welcome   |  Shiny Polka Dots   Showering Hearts

C) Cute & Classic Themes

Baby shower cards, cute themes CA1Card designs (left to right): Starry Sky  |  Ahoy Baby Boy 

D) A Little Quirky

baby shower invites, quirky CA1

Card designs (left to right): Charming Woodland  |  Celebrate a Little Man  |  Precious Pineapple 


Customizing Baby Shower Invitations

Once you’ve got your invitation inspiration, start customizing! All Greetings by Costco baby shower invitations come in a variety of colour options and your choice of square or rounded corners.

Personalize the text with the name of the mom-to-be, all of the baby shower details, RSVP information and the registry information if needed. Don’t forget to personalize the envelopes with the return address so that you can save yourself precious planning time. 


Baby Shower Ideas to Match Any Theme and Invitation

Ahoy Baby Boy, baby shower invitation


All aboard this nautical-themed baby shower! These fun striped invites are available in three colour options: periwinkle, teal and green.

Baby shower decorations: Mirror the anchor on the invitation with an anchor as your dessert table centerpiece, or a cake topper. The blue and red stripe is tried and true for sailing-themed parties. Sailboats, whales, life buoys – this theme lends itself to a wide range of adorable icons. Take advantage of it!

Baby shower game idea: Sink or Swim. Create DIY life preserver necklaces with colourful string and ring-shaped candy. Everyone gets one necklace to start, but if they say “baby” at any time during the shower, the person who hears it gets to take their necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end wins a prize.

 Baby Banner, baby shower invitation


This invitation is a cute crowd-pleaser. It’s available in three rustic background designs, each of which can help guide your baby shower décor:

  • Natural wood
    Carry warm, nature-inspired décor throughout the baby shower. Use thin cut lumber – genuine or faux – as platters for cake, dessert goodies or coasters for all the guests. It pairs beautifully with pops of greenery.

  • Chalkboard
    Use chalkboards as party signage at your baby shower. Draw on it with unique graphic font for a photo wall display. Use a chalk sandwich board to write the menu of the appetizers you’ll be serving, or to keep a cute tally for your shower game.

  • Whitewashed wood
    All the charm of wood but with a brighter, cleaner finish. Apply a layer of watered down white paint to the wood décor elements of your shower. The colour of your shower guests’ outfits will pop against this neutral background in photos with the mom-to-be.
 Shiny Polka Dots, baby shower invitation


This invite is the perfect balance of softness and sparkle. Available in pink, blue and neutral gray colour options, it works for every baby-to-be.

Baby shower decorating tips: Cut craft paper of varying hues into circles of multiple sizes. Then, mix and match circle colours and sizes and glue them along strands of white string. Hang them from the ceiling or window in your shower space for an adorable look of raining confetti.

Baby shower game: Do the circles on this invitation not remind you of bingo stamps? Create baby shower bingo cards with a variety of nursery necessities that guests can stamp off as the gifts are opened. Browse online for inspiration!

 Kraft Baby Floral, baby shower invitation


This crafty invite features a subtle background texture with cute illustrations and beautiful font. Choose pink, yellow or blue colour accents.

Add a portrait of mom: Personalize the back of these invitations with a maternity photo of the momma-to-be. It’s a great excuse to get a portrait session in to capture this exciting moment in time.

Baby shower game idea: The craft paper background on this invite is reminiscent of the paper table runners at restaurants. Play on that theme by doing a blind baby food taste test as your baby shower game! Peas, sweet potato, carrot – who has the top taste buds?

 Charming Woodland, baby shower invitation


Celebrate the little critter on the way with these adorable baby shower invitations. Choose the deep brown background for the most rustic option, or the lighter blue or peach for a softer look.

Baby shower food: Let the little critter’s forest inspire your food selection. Create miniature berry bushels for all the guests, and decorate cupcakes to look like vibrant, cartoon-style mushrooms.

Baby shower game: What do you call a baby owl? How about a baby rabbit? Or deer? There are correct terms for each animal, but the wildly wrong names your guests come up with will surely be entertaining. Give each guest a quiz sheet or chalkboard to write their answers.

 Gilded Welcome, baby shower invitation


The combination of bold stripes and gold accents will always be chic. Available in black, blush and mint, these invitations add a touch of sophistication to baby showers at any venue.

Baby shower décor: Bring the stripes of this invitation into the venue with bold table runners. Then soften up the room with plenty of florals in your chosen accent colour.

Party favours: Send your guests home with mini bottle of champagne to match the glam level of the party. Personalize the label of each bottle by printing “She’s about to pop!” or your favourite message on striped stickers.

 Precious Pineapple, baby shower invitation


How cute are mommy and baby pineapples? These sweet, trendy invitations are ideal for spring and summer baby showers.

Baby shower theme idea: Go full-on summer mode with a BABY-Q shower theme. Use checkered picnic blankets as table cloths and woven wooden baskets as serving bowls.

Shower food and drinks: Ooze summer with jugs of fruit-infused water and illustrate your BABY-Q theme with food skewers. Bacon-wrapped pineapple, anyone?

 Celebrate a Little Man, baby shower invitation


There’s something so irresistible about a baby boy with the dapperness of a gentleman. That’s why so many baby showers for boys follow this cute manly theme.

Baby shower photo booth: Mustaches, bow ties, suspenders – they’re not reserved for the little guy alone! Print out illustrations of them, glue them to wooden sticks and set them up as photo booth props. Print the photos and send them with the thank you cards.

Baby shower game idea: Follow your mustache theme with a guessing game! Print photos that just show the mustache and mouth of various male celebrities. Have your guests name those ‘staches to see who earns the big prize.

 Starry Sky, baby shower invitation


Twinkle twinkle little star – this dreamy invitation will bring everyone into the clouds as they celebrate the baby-to-be. Choose green, pink or periwinkle sky for the background.

Baby shower decoration: This invite inspires décor that’s light as air. Use a combination of craft paper, balloons and white cotton to create a backdrop of clouds, stars and pastel-coloured hot air balloons. All your guests will be dreaming about it for weeks afterward.

Party favours: Send your guests home with a cute message card for their own child’s nursery, or their workspace. Personalize a set of blank cards with a custom message that resonates with the shower theme.

 Showering Hearts, baby shower invitation


Covered in hearts, this invitation hints at the amount of love that the new baby will receive. There are three gradient colours to choose from: pink, purple and green.

Baby shower decoration: Let little golden hearts be your theme throughout the shower. Cut gold cardstock from the craft store into hearts to dot the whole venue. Smaller ones can be taped to toothpicks as cupcake toppers, and larger ones can be woven into hanging banners.  

Baby shower game: Guess the Baby. Have every guest bring a printed photo of them as a child. When they arrive, add all their photos to a large, heart-shaped poster board so everyone can guess who’s who. Make sure the parents-to-be bring their photos as well!

 Baby Shower Flowers, baby shower invitation


This invite is simple and gorgeous. It features the subtle texture of cream-toned canvas, with your choice of pink, purple or green font.

Baby shower theme: The simple charm of these invitations leaves a blank slate for your shower theme. Consider keeping everything neutral toned, including the table cloths, napkins, serving dishes, then use flowers to add vibrant colours.

Party favours: The muted florals in this invite inspire beautiful favours everyone will love: desk plants! Pick up a flat of succulents and plant them in mason jars. Add a “Watch me grow” sign to each one – just as the baby of honour continues to grow.