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Choosing to shoot either in black and white or in colour can dramatically change the look and feel of the photograph. Here are a few general rules of thumb from the Costco Photo Centre on when to use black and white or colour photography to give your photos the biggest impact. 

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The Power of Emotion

If emotion is what you are trying to capture, many photographers agree that black and white images are better at showing the depth, detail and power of emotion.

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Make An Impact with Colour

If you are trying to take a strong photo that has impact and poignancy, everything within the photo must add to that impact. If you think the colour is necessary for a strong statement, shoot in colour. If it isn’t necessary to the strength of the image, shoot in black and white. As an example, sunsets are arguably stronger in colour.

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Draw In The Eyes

Use colour if there is a specific point in the image you want to draw focus to. Colour draws the eye.

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If you want an audience to think introspectively about an image, black and white can obscure aspects of a photo, leading them to imagine what should or could be there.

Remember that these are just guidelines. Don't hesitate to try new things with colour, contrast and black and white photo tints. Print your best black and white or colour photos on a Canvas Print or Metal Print for a dazzling addition to your home or office décor.