Memorialize Great Moments with Metal Prints – Day 11 of 12

Last Updated: November 24, 2017

Custom-made holiday gifts offer a sentimental charm that’s so cherished during the holiday season. If you can combine that warmhearted personal touch with a “wow” factor gift, you’ve struck gold.

That’s the type of present you can achieve with stunning photo metal prints from the Costco Photo Centre.

❆ Commemorate an Unforgettable Getaway

Gift shopping for your partner is a fun, generous way to show your love. And it’s meaningful with photo gifts. Skim through the year’s photos and pick out the one(s) that bring back the most beautiful memories you shared together. Maybe it was your trip to the Columbia Icefield, or your weekend getaway to a quiet lake – your hidden gem.Turn that smile-inducing photo into metal wall art for a holiday gift that will leave them speechless.

The glossy-coated metal panel is perfect for showcasing vibrant colours, sparkling water or close-up detail.

❆ A Sleek Desktop Addition

Large metal prints certainly make for beautiful home décor statement pieces, but the smaller sizes also make great gifts for friends or relatives. For longtime friends, create a metal print with one of your favourite shots together. They can hang it by the desk as a reminder to always keep in touch. Help relatives finally put their cute family photo on display by creating a desktop metal print that will add colour and personality to their workspace.

Wrap up the metal print and add a fun “Remember that time…” note to the gift tag. They’ll never expect the contemporary, yet nostalgic gift that awaits them!