Craft a Cozy Customized Photo Blanket – Day 10 of 12

Last Updated: December 12, 2017

It's the season for snuggling and spoiling your loved ones! Bring out your soft side with a photo blanket that's even softer. A novel gift idea, Costco Photo Centre's personalized blankets can be cuddled by furry friends or family big and small. Here's a helping hand with styling blankets for your besties. 

❆ Warm Family Photo Memories  

All parents cherish photos of their little ones. For buddies with newborns, a super soft fleece photo blanket makes the perfect cover for those that sleep the most! It shouldn’t be hard to find adorable photos. Play around with our collage themes – for variety, use shots with different focal points, or include Mom and Dad.  

Alternatively, bring warmth home by adding a collage of sunshine snaps to a blanket design. As the holidays are a time to cozy up and relax, putting your SO’s fondest vacation memories on a blanket will bring endless tranquility.

❆ Plush Pet Décor

Show off Sparky’s favourite spot on the couch with a custom blanket. Use the owner’s best pup photos – if the pet’s not lounging on it, they will be! For your kids studying out of town, make their dorm feel like home with their beloved cat on a blanket.

You can even create a commemorative photo blanket to remember a loving animal. It’ll be a heart-warming home décor gift for your partner if you’re getting a new pet together and don't want to forget your old pal. 

As holiday gift ideas go, photo blankets are undeniably cute and cozy.

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