Create a Calendar Big or Small – Day 12 of 12

Last Updated: November 26, 2017

To wrap up our 12 days of holiday gift ideas, it’s time to present our tips on personalizing calendars with 12 fabulous photos. For your sister’s desk or your best friend’s wall, Costco Photo Centre has it all!

 Get Creative with Custom Calendars

Seasonal photo calendars are a sure-fire success – your kids playing in the pumpkin patch is no doubt a fitting photo for fall months. Or, surprise the significant other and switch things up – a sun-drenched photo of your Mexican holiday will bring back warm memories on winter work days.

Custom wall calendars allow you to add captions with a quip or a quote, and customize essential dates so they don’t have to. The best of us can be forgetful – Facebook’s day-of birthday notifications don’t allow for much planning! Upload and add your photo to your birthday date and hope that you’ll receive an equally awesome gift.

 Simple Calendars are Quick-to-Craft

You don’t have to trawl through photos to get the terrific twelve! Even without an overall theme tying your photo calendar together – your pictures will flow smoothly with smiling friends and family featured throughout. Ask your peers for contributions too.

The range of neutral calendar design themes accompany any home décor style or photo collection. The wood-inspired background is a winning design for family portraits, escapades with friends or scenery shots. Bright backgrounds bring out colours, while the elegant theme is a tasteful embellishment to all occasions.   

Whether you choose a speedy desktop calendar or a fun custom calendar project, your recipient will be thankful throughout 2018!


Choose from a variety of calendar themes.CABI1.jpg

Note: Desktop calendars were available on a seasonal basis. Shop our current selection of calendars online