From the Heart: Holiday Gift Ideas for Those You Love

Last Updated: November 27, 2019

Picking the perfect gift for those you love is a core part of the holiday season. Once the decorations are hung, the cards are sent and the food is eaten, it’s time for the gifts to take centre stage.

Handing over a gift knowing how much it’ll make someone happy, expecting nothing in return, is the true spirit of the season. Adding a personal touch, from the heart, makes it something special that they will cherish. And really, there’s nothing better than seeing the look on your friend’s face as they reveal the present so much thought was put into.

Spotlight special memories in a premium photo book

There are always moments you need to celebrate: important anniversaries, new family members, or once-in-a-lifetime trips to amazing places. Rather than leaving those photos on your camera, it makes sense to print them off into a gorgeous photo book filled with your loved one’s beautiful memories. This is the gift for the showstoppers in your life, who want to keep coming back to the incredible times you’ve shared.  

This premium photo book has high quality photographic paper, perfect for big, bold moments to really show off the stunning details in high definition. Prop these books open on a coffee table to amaze anyone who comes to visit.




Turn fond thoughts into happy smiles with a hardcover photo book

For everyday wonders, smaller photo books are ideal. Photos are printed right onto the pages rather than stuck in a traditional photo album, which makes these books perfect for tiny hands and curious grown-ups alike. Document the best of your year, keep track of your little one’s milestones at school or give your mom a personalized gift of a professional-looking cookbook made from her scrappy handwritten recipes. Putting the time and effort into curating a gorgeous photo book shows your favourite people how much you care.

These hardcover photo books are designed to live on your bookshelf or bedside table, so you can look through them as much as you please.




Seeking something small and sweet? Try photo plaques

You don’t need to give big gifts to have a big impact. Is your big sister home for the holidays? Give them a personal gift that reminds them of the silly sweater tradition that they hate to love (but they do, big time). Every time they see the photo plaque with your smiling faces and goofy sweaters, they’ll remember how loved they are, despite being so far away.

Photo plaques come with a sturdy built-in easel so you don’t even need to find a matching frame. Just choose a beautiful picture and share it with someone you love. Portable and petite, they’re the perfect ray of sunshine to brighten up someone’s day.


Look forward to another year of adventure with a personalized calendar

Calendars are perfect for those people in your life who know exactly what’s happened and what’s coming up next. They’re natural planners—the friends who can tell you exactly when your next brunch trip should be, or the one who is able to gather the whole gang together for a lazy day at the beach or a picture-perfect picnic.

Personalize the calendar with photos from every season of the year—from vacation snaps and beautiful sights you’ve seen together, to candid shots that show off their personalities. Customize dates to highlight the important moments in the year and drop in a relevant photo, so your loved one will never miss a thing.


Customizable pet bowls

Our faithful four-legged companions also deserve a special treat during the holidays. This year buy your pet a personalized bowl featuring photos of their finest moments like their first high-five or their highest frisbee catch. It’s nice to treat the ones you love. These bowls are also a great choice for someone who just got their first pet, or who is simply pet-obsessed!

Customize these large pet bowls with up to six photos and text. These 39oz bowls are deep enough for even the biggest dogs.


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