Picture Ideas for Your Graduating Year

Last Updated: March 27, 2018

It’s official – school is almost over! This is the time to look back, reflect and reminisce on special moments from years back. This is also the perfect time to share your accomplishments with friends and family who have supported you along the way.

The Costco Photo Centre has great graduation picture ideas to capture the excitement of your final year, which will be perfect for your graduation announcements and more.

Just You or a Whole Crew

Solo graduation portraits are a traditional way to conclude your school year. However, you can mix it up and include others to make them even more memorable.

A nice way to capture creative graduation pictures is to gather your friends for group photos. Whether you dress up or down, candid or formal, just be sure to enjoy the moment and have fun! Capture those happy smiles and make these grad pictures your own.

Bring Fido along! Add an adorable aspect to your photos by including your furry family member. It's sure to afford you plenty of playful photo opportunities!

Tip: Whether you’re with a crew or shining on your own, add your photos to your graduation photo book. Fill the book with great memories that document your adventures from throughout the year. It’ll be a sentimental keepsake you can bring with you to college!

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Graduation Picture Photo Prop Ideas

School is the time when we discover where we excel and what we're passionate about. Why not embrace these passions and their related photo props to capture creative photos? Here are some props which are great additions to graduation pictures for boys or girls:

  • Books – Bring your favourite book for a smart pose or go even bigger with a stack of textbooks to showcase what you've conquered.
  • Club memorabilia – Are you a member of the baseball team? Reading club? Theatre group? A cheerleader? Show your pride in your grad pictures by wearing uniforms or club-affiliated accessories to remember the fun times.
  • Music instruments – Illustrate your well-tuned passion by bringing your instrument into the picture.

Memorable Setting for Graduation Pictures

The location of your shoot can notably change the tone and the mood of your graduation pictures. A significant setting will play a factor in how you remember this chapter.

School – A school setting is a great way to commemorate the place where all your hard work and dedication took place. It's also an instant reminder of the memories you created there.

  • Pose in front of an iconic wall or well-frequented campus building
  • Feature the school mascot for an entertaining photo

Nature – Take your ourdoor graduation photos in the woods, in a field or even at the local park. Find nice bright spots – the right light makes for a great photo.

  • Wear your full regalia or just your cap to contrast against the serene background
  • Use fun elements such as balloons and confetti to give it a little magic

These photos are ones Mom and Dad will truly cherish. Create a canvas print as a graduation gift to say thank you for everything.


Enjoy the Moment

Show off your all-star personality with a genuine smile. Having fun with these photos is key to capturing the most beautiful, authentic portraits.

Planning a graduation party? Make these photos front and centre on your graduation invitations for friends and family to join the celebration. And when the time comes, create graduation announcement cards to send news of the milestone to relatives outside of the city!


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