5 Unique and Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Last Updated: May 28, 2019

He’s always willing to lend an ear, a hand or a word of advice. To celebrate Dad on Father’s Day, check out these personalized gifts for him from the Costco Photo Centre.

The key to Dad’s heart is a gift that celebrates his unique personality and interests. Does he enjoy tinkering in the garage workshop? Grilling on the patio? Cheering in front of the big screen? Nerding out with his comic books?

Show dad some appreciation and guarantee a grin with one of these custom-made Father’s Day gifts:

1. For the Sports Enthusiast

If he’s a sports guy, he’s probably the type of dad who encourages the kids with their athletic endeavors. Whether he’s playing goalie in net or going toe-to-toe with the kids on the soccer field, capture those family practice sessions in photos.

Position yourself low to the playing field and use a quick shutter speed to capture the action. Turn the best photo into a great gift for Dad with a canvas print that he’ll proudly display in his favourite part of the home. These moments of friendly competition and pure fun are sure to bring Dad a smile.

2. For the Office Guy

If your guy spends countless hours burning the midnight oil in an office, a great gift for him is one that keeps family top-of-mind. Create a personalized photo mug featuring photos of Dad and the ones who love him. A ceramic mug is great to keep at the office, or choose travel mugs to bring warm memories to the daily commute.

Having these photos close-by on any busy day will always remind him of what’s most important.Gifts for Dad on Father's Day, photo mug CA1

3. For the Car Buff

If your dad’s true love is his vehicle, a great gift for him is one that recognizes his set of wheels. For a special Father’s Day activity, ask Dad if you can help him out with a maintenance tune up on the car. Showing interest in his favourite hobby is a Father’s Day gift for Dad that’s bound to make him happy, and it’ll allow him the joy of teaching you a thing or two.

Take a nice picture of him with his ride – whether it’s a 4x4 pick-up or a Harley – and turn it into a metal print to hang in the garage. Metal prints are easy to wipe clean, and their gloss coating will accentuate vibrant paint and chrome trim.

4. For the Problem Solver

When you’re faced with a tough question in school or in life, Dad is there to offer advice and help you find a solution. Take advantage of this problem-solving nature with a fun gift for Dad by creating a custom photo puzzle.

Stage a creative family photo – with a hidden message to reveal, perhaps – and add it to a custom jigsaw puzzle. Dad can piece the puzzle together on Father’s Day and any rainy days ahead. This gift is a game, so have fun with it! HubSpot-Body Image 1

5. For the Family Man

If Dad’s favourite pastime is simply spending time with his family, recognize that on Father’s Day. Offer to go on an adventure or take on a new project together – it’ll make his day. Choose an activity that’ll allow you to bond, learn and laugh together.

Document the experience with photos and pull them together into a personalized photo book. It will be a beautiful way to commemorate the times you shared, which will likely bring a tear to Dad’s eye.