Holiday Gift Ideas for The Budding Photographer

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

The budding photographer is rarely seen without their camera. Their memory card often fills up before they even get a chance to look back and truly enjoy their photos.

This holiday season, turn those snapshots into something tangible for the photographer in your life. These gifts will celebrate their progress as an artist and motivate them to keep getting better.

1. Framed Prints

Photographers have thousands of pictures on their camera roll, but just a handful that they’re most proud of. After various photography gigs – like capturing smiles at holiday parties and competitive spirits at hockey games – it’s not long before their favourite photos get lost among the digital stockpile.

What’s great about it: Surprise them with a framed print of their favourite shot. With Italian-crafted wood frames and non-glare glass, framed prints are perfect for showcasing photo art. This gift will always be a reminder of why they continue to pursue the hobby they love.


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Gifts for budding photographer, photo plaque CA1

2. Photo Plaques

Growing up, the budding photographer always had a creative eye. They turn ordinary aspects of everyday life into photographs that tell a story. From learning how to master photo editing tools, to visiting art galleries for inspiration, they’re always seeking opportunities to improve their skills.

A gift made just right: Turn their pictures into eye-catching photo plaques. Seeing their photos develop into artwork will encourage them to continue shooting. Create plaques to draw attention to their still life photographs, or to showcase great photos they’ve taken of loved ones.


3. Photo Books

Photographers take every photo like it’s their last. They focus on getting each detail just right, even if it means taking risks – or the long way home. That attention to detail yields beautiful results, but have they seen the real big picture: how far they’ve come?

Why they’ll love it: Photo books are an ideal way to print a photo collection. As your recipient flips through the photo book they’ll watch their skills grow from page to page. The album will inspire them to pause and appreciate their journey as a photographer.


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With these creative ideas, you’ll certainly warm their heart. Showing support for another person’s hobbies is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.

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