Holiday Gift Ideas for Superhero Parents

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

To their kids, parents are protectors, teachers, rule makers, personal chauffeurs and so much more. But most of all, heroes. Through every busy day, they're making countless memories together as a family.

1. Photo Calendars

Life as a parent of young ones is a flurry of activity. Carting kids from one extracurricular to another, organizing family get-togethers, staying on track with appointments, and still making time for date night—wait, what date night? As organized as we try to be, some things fall through the cracks.

Why they’ll love it: Calendars that track a month's worth of activities at a glance will free up valuable space in a busy parent’s mind. Not worrying about forgetting someone’s birthday or dance class, they can be more present in each moment and truly enjoy it.


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 Gifts for busy parents, photo canvas print CA1

2. Canvas Prints

The thing about parenthood is that it changes your priorities. Printing an up-to-date family portrait might not top the to-do list. That might explain why, when you visit, the kids in their framed family picture look years younger.

A gift made just right: A beautiful family portrait doesn’t need to be perfectly posed, just make sure everyone is present. To make this canvas print a great gift, picture the wall where it will hang and keep the colours and style of that space in mind when you select a photo and canvas size


3. Photo Mug 

Parents of little ones can multi-task in their sleep (if they get that chance). It's no rare sight to see them with an eye on their child in the yard while they carry the other one on their hip and kick the dryer door closed.

But for a precious week or two, the holiday season is a time for bustling parents to slow down and prioritize love and balance.

What’s great about it: A photo mug serves as that friendly reminder. To pause, enjoy some egg nog, and be thankful for family, friendship, or the beautiful winter scene out the window. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe – so you can reheat your coffee when Sunday breakfast inevitably goes awry.


 Gifts for busy parents, photo mug CA1

A thoughtful holiday gift will go a long way for busy parents who rarely spend time on themselves. Want to make this great gift idea even better? Offer to babysit – if you’re up to the challenge.

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