Holiday Gift Ideas for The Academic

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

Life as a student of any age is full of adventure and ambition. It’s a time for building new friendships, discovering what they're good at and maybe even finding themselves along the way.

They might be your son, daughter, best friend or classmate, and you can surprise the student this holiday season with gifts that will personalize their study space.

1. Metal Prints

An organized, well-designed study space sets students up to be productive and creative. Whether it's a dorm room or upstairs at Mom and Dad's, a few decorative pops of stylish wall art are great motivators. Start with a custom metal print!

Why they’ll love it: A great landscape, travel or cityscape photo will look stunning as a vibrant metal print, inspiring them daily. It’s a versatile piece of art that will bring style to their current work space and all the next ones, wherever their studies take them.


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Gifts for academic, calendar CA1

2. Photo Calendars

Students work hard to reach their end goal: their future career. It can be difficult to balance multiple classes and extracurricular activities without anything falling through the cracks.

Deadlines, tests and social events – give a gift that helps them keep track of a very full plate.

What’s great about it: A personalized photo calendar will help them organize all their important dates while enjoying photos of loved ones. A family photo from home or a candid moment skating with friends will provide comfort and reassurance, even during exam season.


3. Travel Mugs (2-Pack)

Sleep – the one thing students love, but don’t get enough of. With fewer hours of sunshine and shorter days during winter, it can be hard to resist hitting the snooze button on their alarm. A little caffeine is an essential part of their wake-up routine.

Why they’ll love it: Make early morning classes a little easier with personalized travel mugs. As a matching set, it’s the perfect gift idea for the parent with two kids in school. With pictures of familiar scenes or the family pet, you'll warm their hearts and give them the energy boosts they need.


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And for students who are studying away from home, surprise them with a visit. The most valuable gift is time spent with friends and family.

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