How to Decide: Canvas Prints or Metal Prints

Last Updated: May 30, 2019

Want to update your space with your latest snapshots? Print your photos in a standout way by turning them into custom canvas prints or metal prints.

Canvas and metal pictures are equally beautiful and easy to create, but how do you decide which is right for you, or the photo you have in mind? We’ll walk you through a few key considerations when choosing between canvas and metal prints to help you make a décor decision you’ll love.

Which is better for my home décor style?

Canvas and metal prints are very different mediums. Although they’ll look beautiful in any space, each of them lend themselves well to particular interior decorating styles.

Canvas Prints

Timeless and versatile

Metal Prints

Sleek and striking

Great for homes that are:

Rustic chic

Great for homes that are:



Keep in mind that the photo itself has a big impact on the artwork’s overall look and feel as well.
High-quality canvas prints, CA1    High-quality metal prints, CA1

Which is better for my photo?

Canvas prints are reminiscent of artwork regardless of the photo’s subject. Printed with wide-gamut, premium inks, canvases showcase colours that are true to life, with a softer touch than metal.

Photos that stand out on canvas:

  • Candid family photos and portraits
  • Landscape shots with depth and visual texture
  • Soft black-and-white shots from special events

Metal creates a stunning, vibrant image unlike any other medium. Print photos on metal to showcase every detail in a sleek way.

Best photos for canvas prints, CA1

Photos that will be extra special on metal:

  • Outdoor shots with vibrant colours
  • Photos with water or shiny elements that reflect or produce light
  • Subjects with fine details such as architecture or close-ups in nature
  • Black-and-white shots with high contrast

Best photo for metal prints, EN1

How does the quality compare?

Both Costco wall décor mediums are made with high-quality materials that are finished beautifully and built to last. Your photo is in good hands no matter which option you choose, printed using inks that provide excellent image permanence.

Gallery-wrapped canvas prints quality:

  • Photo is printed on artist-quality, poly-cotton blend canvas
  • Canvas is precisely stretched over pine stretcher frames

Metal prints quality:

  • Photo is printed on high-definition, slim (.045” thick) aluminum panels with rounded edges
  • Unparalleled photo vibrancy and sharpness

Compare canvas prints vs. metal prints, CA1

Which is easier to hang?

Both types of wall décor arrive ready-to-hang with the appropriate hanging hardware installed on the back. For canvases, that’s typically a sawtooth hanger attached the back, and for aluminum prints, it’s a wooden frame.

Both mechanisms make it easy for you to mount the art on your wall. Hanging materials like screws and wall anchors are included too.

Once you’ve got your print, take the guesswork out of your decorating and learn How High to Hang Pictures.

Compare canvas and metal prints, how to hang CA1 crop

One of the best parts of redecorating is the opportunity to try something new and have fun with your design. If you can’t decide between canvas vs. metal, mix and match different photos on different mediums for a multifaceted gallery wall.

Get creative with the photos you love to create a masterpiece you’ll cherish for decades to come.