A Growing Family: Ideas for Maternity Photos

Last Updated: February 27, 2018

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Part and parcel to that, pregnancy is as well. From your first baby to your fifth, documenting the pregnancy journey with maternity photos is a gift to yourself that you’ll always treasure.

Whether you opt for a photo shoot session with a photographer or candid, at-home moments captured by your partner, the Costco Photo Centre has a cradle of ideas and tips for your maternity photo shoot. 

Create a Pregnancy Timeline Photo Book 

Many moms can’t resist the urge to document how the baby belly grows month to month. Try these guidelines to make a beautiful series of shots for your photo book.

  1. Windows and doorways are perfect for pregnancy poses. The light that floods through outlines the convex shape of mom’s belly like a drawing. 
  2. Visualize your comparables. As your baby grows from the size of a kiwi to an apple to a mango – or your preferred measure of growth – bring those comparables into your photo through text, illustrations or tangible objects. 
  3. A consistent element will tie your maternity photo series together. In addition to your pose, consider using a consistent wall sign (“25 weeks”), article of clothing or photo style to tie all the photos together. 

Maternity photo ideas from Costco Canada, photo books.jpg

Incorporate Your Special Someone 

Maternity photos are about family – what it looks like and how it’s about to grow. Rather than posing solo, include your significant other in pregnancy photos for beautiful shots that demonstrate love, togetherness and commitment.

If you have other children, hold their hand as they eagerly await their new sibling. Or, take adorable pregnancy photos with your loyal dog’s nose touching your belly.

Capture Mom in Her Natural Settings 

Growing life can be exhausting at times, but it’s also powerful and serene – and you’re going to want to remember it. Home-based, lifestyle maternity photo shoots are a great way to ‘candidly’ capture what pregnant life looked like. Photograph mom as she steeps a cup of herbal tea, as dad helps her put on her shoes, or as she takes a well-deserved break on the couch.

Recreate your favourite photos once baby arrives. The before and after will be an adorable social media post and a creative approach to your birth announcement cards.

Maternity photo ideas from Costco Canada, birth announcements.jpg

Document Mom’s Glow in the Maternity Photo Shoot 

Maternity pictures don’t need to be perfectly demure. Be natural and authentic. If you’ve got the giggles as you hold your belly and try to look mature, that’s charming. If you’ve got nerves as you read the baby books or frustration as you try to piece together a crib with your partner, it’s real and endearing.

When your mommy modelling wraps up, transform your best pregnancy portraits into a personalized keepsake for your own family or a gift for the grandparents.