Tips and Ideas for Newborn Photo Shoots at Home

Last Updated: February 13, 2019

Every parent’s life changes the moment they welcome their newborn into the world. Their heart is overflowing with love—a feeling that most have never experienced until this milestone. 

Make these precious moments last with great photos. Set up a home studio to capture every detail of your new baby on camera. A DIY photo shoot held at home is cost effective, intimate and flexible. Your baby goes through many changes within the first few months, but you’ll always have the newborn photos to look back at.

Newborn Photo Shoot Tips to Get You Started

Schedule your newborn photo shoot based on the sorts of pictures you'd like to capture. The first two weeks post-birth are ideal for perfectly posed shots of the baby in blankets, hats, or headbands because they are so sleepy and laid back. Three to six weeks post-birth is better for natural, lifestyle photos. Baby will be a little more responsive to people and objects, and you can catch cute photos of their open eyes, little movements, and reflex smiles.

Keep these other essential newborn photography tips in mind for a fun and productive photo session:

  • Lighting: choose the room in your house that receives the most natural sunlight
  • Time of day: shoot between breakfast and lunch, when they’re most cooperative and sleepy
  • Shooting area: play soothing music to keep them happy and warm the shooting area with a space heater if needed
  • Assistance: recruit trusted adult family members to help with poses and background adjustments to keep the shoot moving smoothly 
  • Be prepared: think through your lighting, set up your camera and prepare backup baby outfits and props in advance

Photograph the Sleepy Baby

Capture the peacefulness of your sleeping newborn by laying her on her tummy with her hands tucked below the head, or rotate to her back or side to mix up the poses.

Create a soft and serene background by shooting top-down as she lies in a crib or bed, or make a DIY backdrop by leaning a solid-coloured board against the back of two kitchen chairs and posing baby comfortably in front of it. To give yourself more options, try hanging different coloured or patterned blankets over the board as well.

Turn these adorable baby photos into photo plaque gifts for Grandma and Grandpa. They’ll love being a part of the baby’s first moments. 

Capture the Newborn's Small Details

Photograph every little detail of the newborn close up with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. Capture beautiful-quality photos with a shallow depth of field by closing down your aperture to f/4 or lower, and increase the ISO to avoid underexposing.

Focus on the baby’s delicacy by shooting close-up shots in black and white. Emphasize their small hands as they clutch a parent's finger, and photograph their adorable features like wonder-filled eyes, puckered lips and gentle feet. Document the baby’s constant changes by adding these cute close-ups to a custom baby book

Newborn Photo Shoot, Photo Book CA1

Move the Photo Shoot Outdoors

For a change in scenery, move your baby photo shoot outdoors to a small garden or patch of flowers. Wherever you decide to shoot, make sure you’re in a shady area to protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

Babies tend to fall asleep easier in warm weather, so it should be easy enough to swaddle him or her in a favourite blanket and lay them down in a basket. Personalize the photo shoot by using bows or outfits that coordinate nicely with the surrounding nature. Great for adding to your family's personalized calendar, these photos will always remind you of the extra joy that your baby's presence brought to the season. 

Get the Family Involved 

Newborn photo shoots are a beautiful way to memorialize the awe and indescribable love that the family has for its newest member. Allocate time in your shoot for candid photos of everyone interacting with the newborn. 

  • Photograph Dad as he relaxes in his favourite chair with baby resting on his chest
  • Take a snapshot of the simple, precious scene as the new baby lays beside his or her older sibling(s)
  • Capture Mom cradling baby in a rocking chair or soothing him or her in her arms by a warmly lit window 

Cherish these pictures by transforming the best into a custom photo blanket that’ll keep your bodies and hearts warm.

Document the Baby’s Growth

As they grow, keep your camera close to document baby’s transformation from a newborn to a toddler. At six months, they’re probably not able to sit up without support just yet but you can surround them with cushions for a cute sitting-up look.

They'll be scooting and crawling their way around between six to ten months. Meet your baby at eye level on the floor and take photos of them crawling towards their toys. Use this time to catch them in their natural environment and turn the action shot into a beautiful canvas print to hang up in your home. 

Before you know it, your baby will be growing up right before your eyes. From finding their tiny hands and feet, to meeting their reflection and extended family for the first time—all these moments make for precious baby photos and memories. 

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