Snow Photography Tips

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

If you live in an area with a white winter, many will envy you, and many more will be glad that they aren’t you. And while snow does pose a hurdle to drivers and pedestrians, it’s a welcome treat for those who’ve been waiting patiently with snowboards in hand. 

Snow can also make for beautiful photography, if you know what to look for. Here are some Costco Photo Centre tips to help you take great photos in the snow. 

Protect Your Camera

Gently falling snowflakes make for breathtaking images and irresistible photo opportunities. You’re almost guaranteed beautiful shots, but the conditions definitely call for a camera cover. If you’ve invested in expensive cameras and lenses, you should also invest in a reliable cover that blocks out precipitation with straps and zippers. But if you’re an amateur photographer on a budget, a DIY cover made from plastic bags and rubber bands will work in a pinch.  

Snow Photography Tips ideas - CA exposure EN.jpg

Accounting for Reflected Light

If your camera is set to auto, you might notice that your snowy photos come out surprisingly under-exposed, and the snow appears grey rather than white. This is likely because the camera’s light meter is overloaded by all the reflected light. Shoot in manual mode and make small + EV (exposure value) adjustments until it’s right. New to photography? Use your camera’s winter setting, or try pressing the shutter down halfway while pointed at a darker object before reframing and taking the shot. 

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Get Off the Beaten Path

Sand and snow have one thing in common – the tendency to leave a trail. A serene scene of freshly fallen snow can be interrupted by even a few footprints. Try to beat the crowds to photograph popular snowy landscapes, or get off the beaten path to find the perfect, untouched vantage point.  The idyllic winter wonderland scene will look amazing as a metal print, allowing the snowflakes to glisten like they do in-person. 

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Embrace the Fun

Snow is malleable and fluffy, affording many fun photo opportunities. Put the kids in their snowsuits and watch them make snow angels. Take action shots as they lob snowballs during snow days. Hold the shutter down and take a burst of photos as the dog leaps through piles of snow and kicks it up behind him. The winter photos will warm your heart every time you look at them, arranged with fun captions in a photo book or pulled together in a collage print