Style Your Home with Metal Prints

Last Updated: April 20, 2017

Ready to redecorate? For a sleek, contemporary look, get creative with metal prints. While framed photos and canvas prints may dominate the walls of your friends and relatives, metal wall décor is a rarer commodity. 

Not sure if it’s right for you? Costco Photo Centre is here to show you how you can step up your interior decorating with metal artwork that is sure to impress. 

A Sleek Statement

Metal photo prints are a relatively new trend, but they make an impact. Your best photos are infused onto the sleek metal panel in the size you prefer, with a glossy coating that makes colours and light shine, and captures every detail. Take advantage of the unique medium by printing your pictures that have strong contrast, vibrant hues, and a luminescent quality. Outdoor family photos from sunny days against a colourful backdrop will look brilliant on metal.

Home decor metal prints - entry EN1.jpg

Create a Layout

Smile every time you walk in the door by designing a gorgeous, multi-photo display of metal prints. Explore the sizes and available designs to plan a grid of metal prints for your space. Perhaps a family portrait in the centre, with headshots of the kids on either side. Alternatively, choose one multi-photo metal print template to artfully arrange coordinating photos on a single metal panel. For bedroom décor, combine a few of your cutest romance shots with photos of the city where you met.

Home decor metal prints - bedroom CA.jpg

Built to Last

Transforming your photos into metal artwork is a stunning way to preserve and display your favourite moments. It’s a beautiful wall décor idea, which is also durable and easy to wipe clean. The mounting fixture is already built-in, so you can spend less time hanging and more time admiring.

Home decor metal prints - dining room CA.jpg

A True Showstopper

If you have a beautiful vacation or landscape photo that’s you’d love to show off, let it shine on its own in one of the larger sizes. Create a gorgeous focal point for the dining room with your striking photo. It’ll catch the light – and your guests’ attention – as a metal print.